Rhian Brewster happened.
by NDMike2001 (2019-01-04 16:48:36)

In reply to: Not enough room.  posted by NDBass

He essentially fits the same role as Solanke, but couple years younger. He was up for contract last year. There was a LOT of interest in him. I think that Klopp had to promise him 1st team opportunities (i.e. Solanke's slot) when he came back from injury.

I suspect that they would have preferred to sell Sturridge or Origi for a nice profit, but they weren't going to cave on asking price, so they took the premium for Solanke.

Sturridge and Origi will be there for depth through the end of this season. I suspect that one or both will be gone next year, clearing the way for Klopp to sign a top striker/attacker over the summer. With Firmino and Salah now proving to be able to lead the line in two different kinds of set-up under Klopp's system, he'll have more options to pursue either a classic striker like a Timo Werner, or someone that fits the false nine type of role.