He'd be lucky to make the match day squad.
by NDMike2001 (2019-01-14 09:54:41)
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The current starting 11 is nearly a constant.

Mane - Firmino - Salah
Milner/Shaqiri - Hendo/Fabinho - Gini
Robertson - VVD - Gomez - Trent

Mignolet, Shaqiri/Milner, Fabinho/Hendo, Origi, Sturridge, Keita and Lovren

That squad doesn't include Lallana, Matip and Ox.

So yes, if your post assumes that Reyna is better than Fabinho and Keita, then he would improve Liverpool. I think that Fabinho is a better player already, and that Keita will after he adjusts to the system.

It would be really hard to strengthen the starting 11. Sure, you could replace some very good players with world class players. A Hazard could go into the front line for Mane. A KDB and/or Silva could go into the midfield. Kante would be an upgrade for Fabinho. A Koulibaly would upgrade Gomez.

Any talk of transfers would most certainly be someone who would provide depth and or help challenge for starting spot.

It's too bad you never got to watch Cladio.
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He would have made you proud to be an American. If you have Argentine blood, he would have made you proud in that regard, too.

He played nothing like Fab or Shaq. Think Michael Bradley who never made mistakes and always improved everyone, both up AND back.

He's only a few years older than me.
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Of course I've seen him play. And I don't hate on Michael Bradley like most (in fact I kind of like him), but you don't do him any favors by comparing Reyna to him.

Liverpool simply have a tremendous starting 11 right now. Not too many players could crack it - with CB and RB being the two most likely openings.