I think Chelsea have decided
by HTownND (2019-01-31 12:41:05)
Edited on 2019-01-31 12:44:34

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They are going to stand their ground on this one.

CHO isn't the only academy starlet (see RLC, Mason Mount and others), so digging in with him won't poison the well with others per se.

I will say this, from the Chelsea side, CHO was the one they didn't send out on loan, who they kept with the first team for training (even if he's not seeing a ton of time on the pitch in PL games). And I think they are pissed for giving CHO that chance that they didn't give to other academy folks that went out on loan first (RLC, Mount, etc), because now he wants to leave because Bayern started whispering in his ear.

Like I said, I think they've decided to say F it, we're holding firm here. It's why Sarri said the board said we weren't going to sell him this summer either. It was a shot back at CHO and Bayern to say he's not for sale this summer, we're prepared to wait it out. I'm fine with that stance at this point.