Potential versus actuality
by SixShutouts66 (2022-09-27 20:52:02)

In reply to: I see that the USSF and USMNT likes a certain TV trope,  posted by G.K.Chesterton

I realize that it's probably bad form for me to write this since:

Writing a disparaging post when a team is near bottom is generally an overreaction
I can't call myself anything more than a casual fan (i.e. never played)

The current USMNT is the best collection of potential players we've ever had, but they seem to be heading for problems in the WC. Some opinions (for what they're worth)

1. Comparing this team to past teams is fraught with dangers since other than a succession of GKs) few,if any, Americans have ever been in the top 33 players in the world. As I said, Keller/Friedel/Howard provided top notch quality. Some of our mainstays (Donovan and Altidore come to mind) were generally unsuccessful in top flight leagues (excepting Landon's last loan to Everton and Jozy's one season in the Dutch league). McBride and Dempsey were successful in the EPL and I'm sure I've left out other.

2. Supposedly impartial lists of best players under 21 have some US players, but fewer (and not as highly-ranked) as other perennial powers

3. FIFA loves money and gifts a WC spot to the US to grab more TV money. Some of the European and South American non-qualifiers would probably embarrass the CONCACAF non-qualifier

4. The US friendly schedule seems motivated to make money, rather than testing the squad. We play home games (and even televise some of them) against squads that draw immigrants. Our "successes" are tainted by our Swarbrick-style schedules

5. I'm not qualified here, but I wonder if the USMNT playing style and the style the players use for their home clubs are too different. Germany with Bayern Munich certainly benefits here.

6. Are too many US players sitting on the bench with big-money clubs?

7 Who is a goal scorer now and in the future with the USMNT. We seem to move and pass the ball well and would do in a style-points score