If he doesn't, we shouldn't allow Gregggggg on the ....
by Rocksteady74 (2022-09-29 10:42:59)

In reply to: Pefok coming in to Qatar *  posted by iudomer

... plane either. But unless we change tactics or the midfield ups their game, Pefok will be isolated and less effective as well.

It is strange that this so-called 'golden generation' has been so deficient in striker talent. One criticism I have of the Sounders is that they turned Morris into a winger so they could get him on the field at the same time as their Designated Player center striker (Dempsey, now Ruidiaz). Morris had good striker instincts in college, and he has size, muscle and speed. They, and the USMNT, could have honed that. Years down the road the Sounders have tried him their from time to time, but he doesn't look comfortable or instinctive there any more, so he is relegated to being a wing player.