A really dumb question on yellow cards
by SixShutouts66 (2022-09-30 00:19:11)

I realize that a yellow card has possible side effects:

1. A second yellow card in a game will draw a red card and expulsion (although some refs are reluctant to give out a second yellow)

2. An accumulation of yellow cards in league play will ban a player from one (or more games) in the season

3. A second yellow card in tournament play will also ban a player from the next game (although the yellow card count is reset during the tournament)

It seems to me (the uneducated soccer fan) that generally a yellow card is a slap on the wrist. It's especially bothersome when the announcer admit a player made a "cynical professional foul", generally to break up a dangerous counterattack.

Other sports (hockey, lacrosse, rugby) force offenders to sit out for specified amounts of time as punishment.

Has soccer ever considered something similar? I realize it may make referees even more reluctant to issue yellow cards and may lead to stalling tactics by the short-handed team.