ND Has Two Relatively Tall Backliners ...
by dillon77 (2022-10-04 18:15:56)

In reply to: Soccer seems to be one sport  posted by BabaGhanouj

with Eva Gaetino (5'11") and Leah Klenke (5'10"). Those are the two tallest starting field players for the Irish and, not surprisingly, Gaetino is the main target of Korbin Albert's corner kicks. On the flip side, it's good to have some tall defenders to defend opposing corner kicks and crosses.

Sure, I'd like to see a taller forward on offense for the same reason, but having a speed demon like Olivia Wingate is an advantage, too, as would be a person to has a very quick ability to get off quick shots.

Your point on physical play is important, too. Korbin Albert is an excellent combination of technical expertise and physical play. One of my favorite ND subs, Katie Coyle, is a very physical player who has decent wheels and the ability to turn the corner and get off centering passes.
Albert and Coyle are "only" 5'7" but in soccer today, that's AOK.

(Of course, ND WBB fans are preconditioned to like Irish athletes tall and versatile! Sonia Citron - 6'1" -- was an all-New York State soccer player and Olivia Miles a talented striker.)