USWNT heights
by SixShutouts66 (2022-10-04 19:02:47)

In reply to: Soccer seems to be one sport  posted by BabaGhanouj

I tired to look at the current USWNT roster for heights.

The four goalkeepers are 5'9" to 6'0", probably to aid covering the top of the net.

Most of the other players are about 5'7" (average size for US women). The two exceptions on the shorter side are Crystal Dunn (a defender at 5'1") and Rose Lavelle (a midfielder at 5'4"). Dunn has exceptional speed and often joins the attack, and Lavelle is an exceptional ball handler who tends to create plays.

The taller players are Sam Mewis (6'0" midfielder and Lindsey Horan at 5'9".

In the past Abby Wambaugh and Cindy Parlow were considered giants as 5'11" forwards.

Height has advantages, especially if one is good at heading balls; but it seems size is not as important in most positions as speed, ball handling, soccer IQ, and foot skills.