It’s very convenient for them.
by NDMike2001 (2023-01-15 09:19:36)

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The only consistency is their inconsistency. Essentially it’s like not calling holding in football all game and then calling it when it counts most. They can affect the outcome of the game and then argue the laws of the game.

They don’t call contact, grabbing, pulling and kickouts throughout the pitch and then are happy to point to the spot with the most marginal contact. Or they don’t call a foul and then VAR officials hold their hands up and say it’s not clear and obvious. I still can’t get over Cucurella getting thrown down in the box by his hair and nothing! It’s a farce.

As I noted before I cannot recall a single instance where I’ve seen players run towards a ball from an obvious offsides position (regardless of whether they actually play the ball) where they don’t flag it. In this crucial instance they somehow adjudged that it was clear and obvious that the referee incorrectly decided that Rashford impacted the play. Funny stuff really.