I think this response covers the bases.
by NDMike2001 (2023-01-24 12:10:16)

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To be succinct: NBC's investment into the English Premier League made the sport (and specifically the EPL) accessible to the US and has been instrumental in its growth. Man U hasn't been particularly good during this time, but there are plenty of folks still around that jumped on the Beckham, Ronaldo, etc. bandwagon back in the day.

Personally, I picked Liverpool back in the day because I felt it was the most like Notre Dame. It was harder to follow EPL, so I needed to pick a team that I felt would be on TV. But also one rich with history but struggling to hang on to that tradition. But that was me.

You might watch Sunderland Til I Die. It really does a great job teaching about the culture of English football. But be careful, it might cause you to root for a club that may never make it back to the Premier League!

Far be it from me to tell you who to root for. But I recommend Leeds. They have a rich history, but nobody would accuse you for being a bandwagon fan. But they probably have the brightest young USA star in Tyler Adams (tough kid and great leader) along with the blue collar kid in Brendon Aaronson. They also have a USA coach in Jesse Marsch. They are also one of Manchester United's rivals. It's fun to have a club (and supporters) to hate.

Fullham is a bit similar with history and USA presence. Tim Ream is the elder statesman team leader at 35 y/o along with the young Antonee Robinson. Chelsea are rivals, and Chelsea are dumb too. So there's that. ;-)

Last warning/caveat. There's tons of movement of players and managers. So you can certainly fall in love with a team like Leeds because of a Tyler Adams. But it won't be long before one of the bigger clubs snatch him up. It's inevitable. There's a strange acceptance in European soccer re the hierarchy of clubs. In US terms it's like the A's waiting for the Yankees or Dodgers to take their young stars...but in Europe/England there's almost a pride when a young star get's the opportunity to move on to a bigger club.

Enjoy the rabbit hole.