PSG is an impressive landing ground. Just like Lindsey Horan
by Domerduck (2023-01-30 16:04:54)
Edited on 2023-01-30 18:39:50

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who actually signed out of a Colorado high school directly to PSG back in 2012 and forgoed 4 years of college education. She had several scholarship offers so the Observer saying Macario is the "only one women’s soccer player at any program (who) has forgone eligibility to play for a Champions League-level club in recent memory." may be an overstatement. That misses all the great US soccer club players who went straight to "Champion League-Level" from Club & HS starting with Lindsey who was incredible. Maybe 10 years ago is not so recent per the Observer. Interesting spin by ND PR team.

Truthfully Korbin will be great as a pro, but will be missed a lot by ND. Her personality & skill does reminds me a lot of Lindsey Horan. I'm sure it's a good move for both PSG and Korbin just as it was for Lindsey. Still it's terrible for ND and will drop us back behind the top ACC teams again when we were just competing at that level. Maybe I'm being too pessimistic, but Korbin was our best player by far.

Oh well... Good luck to Korbin. Hope she comes back to the US in a few years and gets a big contract from the NWSL and continues to excel for Team USA.