Michelle Cooper of Duke Won Herrmann Trophy, Went Pro
by dillon77 (2023-01-30 19:39:39)

In reply to: PSG is an impressive landing ground. Just like Lindsey Horan  posted by Domerduck

..after her sophomore year. Believe she was drafted by NWSL's Kansas City franchise, who put together not just a decent salary but other marketing deals.

Wouldn't be surprised if Korbin and family/advisors took that into account.

Three other things:

- This is really good development for Korbin. Playing for PSG is superb. Alanna Cook who played locally for a club team in NJ, went to Stanford and then onto PSG. She's now back in the NWSL and plays for the National Team.

- Think this will be happening more, not less. Look at the schools we're mentioning: Stanford, Duke, ND. If these players are leaving these types of places, they're getting paid enough to succeed.

- Yes, this will suck for ND in the short-term, but if Nate handled this with the class and dignity I'm sure he did, similar players might want to come to ND form prestigious clubs.

Dang, I was really looking forward to a run with Korbin and Eva at the helm.

Good luck, Korbin...