Oh, From an Irish Perspective, I'm Really Disappointed ...
by dillon77 (2023-01-31 07:04:42)

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With Korbin, I thought this team was going to be an uber threat from Day One.Don't see Maddie Mercado, who was listed as a senior in the fall but had another year, on the roster. So that's another opening
So, with Albert and Wingate gone, who steps up? Some thoughts:

- Kristina Lynch, the transfer from FSU who never played, is still on the roster. She, of course, was a key player for FSU while she was there. Can score and distribute, play either middie or forward.

- Move Kiki Van Zanten from her primarily defensive roles up to forward (again) or the attacking middie role that Albert had.

- Remember Aly Akers who started (alongside Albert) as a frosh before blowing out her ACL? She was not up to top speed last year, but if she continues to mend, she could fit into the mix.

- With Brianna Martinez graduated as well, expect Katie Coyle, the aggressive middie from Jersey, to move into the starting 11.

- Maybe a transfer? Nate has used it and might be on the lookout again.