This is where I'm headed
by DakotaDomer (2016-08-03 17:07:11)

In reply to: The format sucks  posted by TCFC

I think golf should be an olympic sport because it's a truly international sport that doesn't rely on judging....

But I think a team event would make it more country relevant. THere are so many choices for making the Olympics unique and fun but instead they just set it up like a PGA Championship. There's plenty of invite only golf tournaments already.

A team event could exist alongside or in addition to an individual event easily.
They also could consider only inviting amateurs
They also could only invite x number from y number of countries and no one want in you have to qualify based on your national olympic committee's standards and not based on your world ranking

They didn't do any of that...which I think was the real = good...same golf we got 2 weeks before = bad