Here's my problem with it
by DakotaDomer (2016-08-10 12:10:30)
Edited on 2016-08-10 12:11:48

In reply to: US almost has a team of 4 this year, as Kocian only...  posted by ErikND96

I think it's ridiculous to tell Douglas, Kocian, or Hernandez that they don't belong on this team.

Hernandez has the silver medal position after qualifying on the Balance Beam (she had the 4th best floor exercise but won't be allowed to even compete)
Kocian has the gold medal position after qualifying on the uneven bars
Douglas has the bronze medal position in the uneven bars and in the all-around where she will not be allowed to compete

But one of these 3 shouldn't be at the olympics at all? What a crock of shit. ALl 3 of them are probably going to take home individual medals