My position is they are found doping, should be banned from
by Domerduck (2016-08-24 16:35:39)

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the Olympics. We went years with pseudo amateur status that the iron curtain ignored and now they are ignoring doping. The truth is Nike has lots to lose if they are found doping. I have met Alberto Salazar several times in Oregon as my daughter was a runner and her coach, Cathy Twomey, knew him well. and we watched our kids run at a Jesuit high meet together. That was the first time I saw Galen Rupp run as a Freshman in high school and he was phenomenal outracing any high school kid. At 13/14 I can't imagine he was doping then.

I am sure they are on top of science and nutrition in many ways but doping would be a significant problem for Nike and Salazar. Clearly he had winners as his male athletes medaled in each distance race from the 1500 to the Marathon with 3 golds and 1 bronze. He also had many results that didn't medal which I can numerate if interested. The 3 athletes who medaled in RIo all either medaled in London or just missed out as Centrowitz was 4th by 4/100 of a second behind the bronze medalist. But he also had 3 other racers who didn't medal at Rio and 4 others who didn't qualify for the Olympics.

Despite the one allegation these folks have stayed clean for over 2 Olympic periods and have way too much to risk. As noted suspicion is not guilt and for now I am giving Alberto and his team the benefit of the doubt. I truly love the results. Hope he can replicate wth the women as Hasay and Cain are tremendous runners who also excelled in high school. Both are still very young. Rowbery is coached by Salazar and at 31 was close to medal, 4th only 12 seconds behind Jenny Simpson.who is 30 and the first US women to medal for the 1500. Cain is 20 and Hasay is 24.