The grudges drove this story and Salazar disproved them in
by Domerduck (2016-08-25 11:36:13)

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his open letter which certainly was a dissertation with lots of facts and references if you take the time to read both. Alberto started with older athletes but Galen was his first one he started at a young age. When Mo came on board in 2011 it was so those two could work as training partners which certainly has been a fruitful collaboration resulting in 6 medals in the last 2 Olympics.

Clearly Alberto and his athletes from the Oregon Project have never failed a drug test and denounce doping. Considering how the Kenyans and Ethiopians were dominating distance racing, this program and these athletes have been the lone bright side for other competition. Initially it was US runners but now they have added Mo in 2011 to win in London (which he did for his host country) and a Japanese and Canadian runner. So now in addition to USATF which they have to stay "legal" with they also have 3 other country's to stay clean.

As for doctors in Houston if you have the money you go to the best. How many 80 year olds fly to the Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, or Houston for treatment if they can afford it. These are businesses and malpractice suits are rampant. No doctors would testify on anything voluntarily and would wait until they are subpoenaed or sued. Neither of these things have happened yet.

Maybe I am just blind to my fellow Ducks as I am often with my fellow Domers, but for now I trust them and am truly glad they are providing an alternative to the Kenya/Ethiopia monopoly