As for the drug tests, micro-dosing isn't going to blow ...
by Rocksteady74 (2016-08-25 13:38:48)

In reply to: The grudges drove this story and Salazar disproved them in  posted by Domerduck

... a test if it is done correctly. And if the Houston connection is on the up and up (ignoring for the moment whether the doc is indeed "the best"), why won't he talk to the doping authorities? Amazing how many of Alberto's runners have the same medical affliction for which he claimed to need medicine in his career. I've read Al's letter; it was a decently constructed argument but just that. It didn't disprove anything (just as the doubters have not proved their case against him).

I'll admit that having met a number of big runners back in the running boom days -- Boston Billy, Shorter, Rod Dixon, and Alberto -- Alberto was by far my least favorite. Billy was a sincere, sweet, sometimes befuddled guy. Shorter was reserved but straight up. Dixon was cocky but gregarious. Alberto was awkward, and a bit of a jerk. Of course, that lone doesn't make him guilty of being anything but a jerk.

However, it did prompt me to smile a bit when he entirely psyched himself out about the heat at the LA Olympics in '84. He vastly under achieved while two fair-skinned Northern Europeans, an Brit and an Irishman, captured the medals after Lopez.