Thanks for the thoughts and your vantage point. As a fellow
by Domerduck (2016-08-25 17:18:37)

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parent whpse kids ran in Oregon I obviously had a different one. Back in the 70/80's in Eugene the world was different than when I readquainted myself with him in the early 2000's. I remember he had a role at the Eugene Electric Station where he was manager and helped promote the restaurant, Back then there certainly wasn't the money and folks like Matt C senior, Mary Decker Slaney, and Salazar were doing anything to make ends meet and still train. The Trials were in Eugene 72, 76, & 80 but didn't come back until 2008 as it took some commitment to make Oregon a track haven again after the days of Pre up through the LA Olympics in 84. With Nike as well as Adidas committing to Portland and Phil Knight committing to the Ducks and Eugene as Tracktown USA things have stabilized. it will be interesting if they get the trials for 2020 again but I know there is a move to get them somewhere else this time around.

You may be right there is something going on as we eventually found out about Armstrong which pretty much had me give up watching the Tour de France after being addicted every year until 2007. Hell I even rode a few Cycle Oregons where we had our own Peletons. I truly hope there is not a repeat here for all these runners sakes and so I don't have to give up watching distance running as well. I know at my age I am not doing any more marathons or even 5Ks with these knees but I do like seeing the young kids run. I especially love watching meets at Hayward Field in Eugene.

Thanks again for the posts with your thoughts as no many NDNation posters follow running like you and a few others do.