Back down to earth, 1-2 this weekend for volleyball.
by Domerduck (2016-09-04 02:22:45)
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After going 9-0 last weekend in sets, this weekend our set total was 4-8. Yesterday we lost all 3 sets to undefeated Coastal Carolina (3-0) who looked very good with some excellent athletes: a very tall front line gal and a couple foreign talents who play on their national teams. The second set was most competitive as ND got to a set point serving at 24-23, but ended up losing 28-26.

Today ND was more competitive but took too long to get started, For the first match against Howard (4-1) they lost their first 2 sets (24-26 & 22-25) but had a barnburner to win the 3rd set by fending off match point at 25-24. After going back and forth they finally ended up winning 33-31. Senior Katie Higgens, who hadn't played since the first match last weekend, came in the second set and was the star of the 3rd set, She also carried that over to the 4th which the Irish controlled to win 25-22. The final set was dominated by the Irish (15-7) to take the match 3-2. 13 girls played for ND on this marathon match including Freshman Lauren Woodard, who played her first match for the Irish,

ND lost the second match today 3-1 to Purdue, a ranked team. The second set ND won (26-24) was the only set Purdue lost in the tournament. Purdue dominated the last 2 sets winning both 25-16. Mclaughlin again played 13 girls.

I caught much of the 3 matches on WatchESPN as all 3 are available. Also I attxhed the highlight video and Purdue match update from UND. We will see how the girls do on the road next weekend.

It could be said that the Irish outlasted Howard
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who became increasingly fatigued during the game and had to play their final game less than two hours later (in which they were swept).

I don't know enough about volleyball strategy to claim ND was out of position against Purdue but the Boilermakers were adept at finding open spots on the Irish side of the floor.

Also, I think it's fair to say the invitational results broke pretty much along with the varying talent levels of each team. There's work to do, but ND shouldn't hang their heads. I see positive chemistry and a lot of spirit.

Yes definitely better than last year. *
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