Men's team is a freaking mess.
by ErikND96 (2016-10-29 09:47:39)

In reply to: ND women 2nd, men 10th at ACC championships  posted by jBL

Not sure if the blame is on Joe's final years of recruiting, or if the current development under Turner/Sparks is the culprit - regardless, what was once a perenial top 10 national qualibre program (late 80s through early/mid 00s), began to slide into the 20s at the end of Piane's tenure and now will miss Nationals for the 3rd consecutive year (first time in 35 years that will happen).

Recruiting distance guys to ND should be about as easy as it gets - sure, there are a few (as in maybe 5 schools) which definatly have a stronger pitch based on location/academics/history (Ore, Stan, CU, Ark, and I guess Nova if someone has a real appreciation for history) - but there is no excuse to be waddling in 10th place in the f**king ACC