Get the 3 sophs who scored well on teams that didn't qualify
by Domerduck (2016-11-19 20:18:51)

In reply to: Rohrer ran great....  posted by ErikND96

to xfr to ND. #5 Lokedi (Kansas) , #6 Peloquin (BSU), and #11 Receveur (Indiana) were all on teams that didn't qualify. Pair them with Anna and Annie H, also both sophomores and we would have a National Championship in 2 years as I assume they would have to sit out one year). This year those 5 would have scored 59 and would have had less than half the Ducks National Championship score. I am sure all schools try to do things like that but I was just conjecturing.

Still Colorado already has 5 Freshman and Sophomores who scored and helped them get 3rd less than 10 points behind much older Oregon who scored with 3 seniors & 1 junior and Michigan (1 senior and 3 juniors).

By the way does anyone know if Christina Aragon (Freshman from Stanford who ran 38th overall) is ND's Danielle Aragon's younger sister who was 52nd overall. Just curious. S