Thx..wasn't really aware how that 4th was a catalyst for her
by Domerduck (2016-12-27 15:36:38)

In reply to: Nice article about Molly Huddle (link)  posted by trout

recent success and competitiveness. I think that race where she lost to Infeld was the last time she lost to anyone other than the many talented African born athletes who run long distance races professionally. I really appreciated this paragraph

"Huddle's Crusade Of Redemption continued on into the 2016 outdoor season as Huddle completed an impressive distance double - winning the 5,000m and the 10,000m - at the U.S. Olympic Trials, setting a new American record in the Rio Olympics to finish 6th in what many have labeled the greatest women's 10,000m ever run, and capping off this Olympic year with her debut marathon - a 2:28:13 3rd place finish in the New York City Marathon"

At this point she seems to be the only American who can compete with the best of the world's long distance women athletes. The fact she didn't back down in that 10K race where she ended 6th (but got the American record) and her debut marathon was the most impressive running I've seen from a US female distance athlete in years. The fact as the article states she grew up as an ND family and is married to a fellow Domer track star makes her one of our best ND athletic ambassador, especially for Track and X country. With another stellar Molly about to have her final track season at ND and the success of Anna Rohrer, this could lead to more success by those ND teams.