Kiefer in the final for Foil, Russo in the finals for Sabre.
by Domerduck (2017-03-26 15:15:48)

In reply to: Lee Kiefer going for her NC on ESPN3 right now *  posted by Domerduck

Both were top rated going into the Final 4. Kiefer is up against another OSU fencer after beating the first 15-7. Russo won over the St. John's girl 15-9 and awaits her final opponent who are fencing off now between Penn State and Princeton girls. Amanda Sirico lost in the semis 15-10 to a Princeton girl who will face a teammate in the Epee final.

Still have a chance for 2 women's National Champions and they'll probably compete on ESPN3 in about half hour after these semis finish and the Epee final is completed. Individual results are linked below.