That's the right course for it.
by ewillND (2017-11-19 10:56:03)
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In reply to: Huddle shooting for US 1/2 marathon record attempt in Jan.  posted by nannywarth

I was injured that year and wasn't running, so I was volunteering as a course timer at Mile 4 when Ryan Hall set the US record in 2007. He was already way ahead of the field at that point--he had already gapped Meb and Dan Browne. We checked the pace chart and thought he was nuts. Turns out he was actually that fit at that time--it was fun to watch.

Incidentally, Ryan Shay ran that year as well, about 10 months before his fatal run at the NYCM. He finished a ways back, but I knew who he was because he went to ND, so I gave him a big cheer as he went by.

The race organization in Houston is second to none--the elites tend to really like running there. Here's hoping for a nice cool day...