McLaughlin is awesome
by Flanner89 (2017-11-30 21:54:39)

In reply to: Notre Dame will not be out coached in the tourney.  posted by hibernianangst

He has such a knack for the game. He finds volleyball players that can deliver, then puts them in the position to use their strengths, then coaches them up. I saw him at a USAV club camp instantly recognize the players that can deliver results even though they don't jump out at other people with their appearance. I had the benefit of seeing the players over several years, yet he recognized the real players within a few minutes. Blew my mind. I'd never seen another coach come close to doing that.
I absolutely love that the pre-season ACC favorite UNC team fell so far. They just recruit by players measurables: height & block touch. UNC has some girls that are just tall but do not have any volleyball skill or IQ.
ND recruits volleyball players. UNC recruits height. So, so, so glad to beat a team like that.