I've curled for ~ten years.
by Mr Wednesday (2018-02-15 18:58:06)
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I started in '02-'03 in Houston, took a six year break while I was at ND (at the time, the nearest clubs were in Chicago), took it back up when I moved back to Houston, and I'm now a member at Broomstones outside Boston.

As to why it's an Olympic sport... why not? It requires both skill and athleticism. The skills of the top-level curlers are insane... they can stick a draw on the button seemingly at will, and they can throw up-weight takeout shots that are within a quarter inch of their target from over 100 ft away. As for athleticism, sweeping is hard work, and the more strength and endurance you have, the better you are at it. (There are also benefits to throwing the rock from good strength and endurance.)

The correct term for a single curling playing surface is "sheet".