Winter Olympics need a pentathlon type event.
by Irish Tool (2018-02-21 14:39:28)

Big Air snowboarding has shown us they're hurting for events. Why isn't there a multisport event? It would be pretty straightforward:

1. An alpine event, probably slalom.
2. Speed skating, probably just a short/mid distance one because you'd also have...
3. Cross Country Skiing.
4. A sliding event, probably luge (although this leads me to realize a two-person team pentathlon could be sweet - bobsled, relay speed skate, combined skiing, cross country relay).
5. One more - could we host this whole thing without a "judged" event? Maybe the snowboard-cross or whatever it's called when everyone races at once? Generally I think the judged sports and ski jumping are too specialized. Hockey shootout? (Again, the two-person idea can bring in curling. I really like that 2-person pentathlon, honestly).