My outsider's sense is that he let Louderback hang on...
by FL_Irish (2018-07-06 16:36:24)

In reply to: "a program that was Final Four caliber when  posted by Nigeltufnel

...several years too long, which I can somewhat understand because Louderback built that program from nothing and it's always hard to show a guy like that the door.

My outsider's sense is also that he's now botched the search for a replacement. The position was open for over two months after a planned retirement. There is no way that Silverio was on the short list. They pretty clearly whiffed on some (possibly several) others first.

Underlying all of this is the fact that the indoor tennis facility is a disgrace and becomes more of a disgrace with each passing year as it becomes even more ancient. As that deterioration has continued (unabated, as far as I can tell) under Swarbrick's long tenure, I think that's on him too.

The bottom line is that a program that made it to back-to-back Final Fours as recently as 2009 and 2010 will now be led by someone with four years of head coaching experience and one NCAA Tournament victory to her name who is hamstrung by a crap facility, which outcome seems to me to be the product of how Swarbrick has mismanaged the program since his arrival.

None of which I intend to suggest that Silverio can't be great. There are certainly some very promising elements of her resume. But based on where we were when Swarbrick showed up Louderback's ultimate replacement could and should have been someone who is far more proven.