It was botched candidates waited 2+ weeks for responses
by harigtad (2018-07-30 15:30:53)

In reply to: My outsider's sense is that he let Louderback hang on...  posted by FL_Irish

For a place that prides itself on taking care of their Alums

Would you hire a random from Oregon (which they did probably saved themselves some coin)


Brian Kalbas (alum, former mens asst. and head coach of NC women one of the best teams in the country)definitely was interested


Michelle Dasso (your most decorated womens player alum) who came back to be the asst. in order to take over from LouderbacK

I know for a fact that in multiple stages in the hiring process ND dragged their feet not getting back to candidates for over 2 is that possible when you knew Jay was retiring?

They had a chance to get a lot of former players on board with either of the alum hires, and potentially back more donations for a new facility. Unfortunately with the Oregon hire (while she might be good) the tennis alums aren't happy so probably will be a much longer wait to make much needed improvements to Eck. Tennis is the sport who has waited longest at ND for facility improvements (in fact has gotten worse as football has absorbed some outdoor courts).

Things like this start at the top - Swarbrick