Volleyball wins again-now let's beat #20 Purdue Sunday!
by domerduck (2018-08-31 20:02:36)

Today they beat Oakland in South Bend, a team that was 3-1. So far the team with a new coach has been doing great and is now 4-0 winning all 12 sets. Most wins have been very easy except for when they came back from down 24-19 in the second set of the Golden Dome championship match to Northern Kentucky to fight off 5 set points to win 28-26.

Junior Jemma Yeadon is leading the team with kills as expected, but seniors Nunge, DeJarld, & Morningstar are still making a big impact. The big news is the impact of three Freshman, setter Zoe Nunez (named ACC co-freshman of the week her 1st weekend), Charlie Niego (2nd on the team in Kills), and Sydney Bent. Also Sophone Hannah Thompson has played well on the block.

The Purdue match at West Lafayette will be a real test and it is on nationalTV (ESPU). Luckily the ACCN matches are still free (with ESPN) as I watched today's match live and got caught up on the other three matches on replay. It would be great to hear other folks impressions of this year's team if you've seen them live or on TV.

Lost 3-1 in a packed Purdue court: 25-22, 25-21,23-25, 25-20
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Purdue controlled the match from the get go. We won our one set when they were up 2-0 and the score was tied 23-23 then we got the last two points. Next up at Western Kentucky for a three match tourney including Chattanooga and Miami of Ohio.

I'm not sure how streaky scoring is in volleyball.
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But ND was up 11-7 in the first set. I don't know how that translates to Purdue controlling the match from the get go.

You may be right, but when I was watching it felt like that.
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From when the match started until it ended Purdue seemed to have the upper hand, or at least the answers when ND had a run and took a lead. I do believe the ND women were competitive and they are getting better, but for now they have much to do to be able to beat a top 20 team on their court. Here's my take of what I watched.

It started with the first set as Purdue got up 4-1. They were blocking Yeadon but ND countered by sending in Nunge & Bent so ND scored 3 of the next 5. Then ND subbed Niego we got up 12-7. Then Purdue called time-out and their coach adjusted splitting the next 10 points until Purdue went on a 7 point run to get up 19-17. There was a little more back and forth until Purdue won 25-22. The second set ND never got up by more than 1 point as Purdue won by 4 and ND took that third set. But that 4th set Purdue got up 7-1 and ND never got closer than 4 points to lose 25-20.

It's nice to hear other's take on this volleyball team. I am hopeful they can be more effective the next time they take on a top 20 team.