Seven players listed on updated volleyball roster linked
by MPG (2022-03-08 10:53:23)
Edited on 2022-06-15 11:17:03

below. I expect four freshmen to arrive for the fall season, so Coach Rockwell will have several spots available for any potentially helpful players she spots in the transfer portal.

Former Michigan State associate head coach Paul Koncir is now listed as ND's first Video and Data Analytics Technical Coordinator. He was head coach at Towson State for four years, so he is one of two former head coaches on the staff. With the addition of a Director of Volleyball Operations, Coach Rockwell's staff will be complete. She has surrounded herself with experienced coaches.

It is hard to understand
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why all those players left the program when they did. There were several very good players who apparently left before they even met the new coach. MY guess is we will really be in a bad sitution once the season starts.

Those that left were the nucleus of the team as well
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They weren't players upset over playing time - they were the starters.
Of the remaining roster:
Nancy Kane - brought in mostly to serve
Hattie Monson - probably the most experienced player returning at libero
Kiara Schmidt - a libero, primarily a backup to Hattie Monson
Lauren Tarnoff - a transfer from Miami last year who played and started a few games
Charity McDowell - very rarely played
Phyona Schrader - pretty highly ranked setter but was mainly a backup to Zoe Nunez
Paris Thompson - very rarely played

So with the current roster (not counting freshman coming in, walkons, potential transfers), we couldn't even field a team
Middle Blockers - 2 (5 on the roster last year)
Outside Hitters - 1 (5 on the roster last year)
Setters - 2 (3 on the roster last year)
Libero - 2 (3 on the roster last year)

The four freshmen that I expect to be at ND for the fall
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season include two highly rated outside hitters and promising prospects at setter and libero. I assume that Coach Rockwell will be looking for experienced middle blockers and a proven outside hitter to walk through the transfer portal.

The only bright side to all of this is that ND will have roster flexibility moving forward.