Emd of day 3: ND 156 pts, +17 on Columbia, +18 on Harvard
by Radi-skull (2022-03-26 17:49:58)
Edited on 2022-03-26 18:27:05

In reply to: I thought ND as #1 in men's fencing so surprised we are  posted by Domerduck

Princeton falls to 4th (+21).

Edit: there are only 48 bouts remaining and we have no head to heads remaining with any of the top 3 teams behind us.

Saber ended witj 19 pts, 3rd overall behind Harvard (23) and SJU (20).

Harvard outperformed us in all 3 weapons. The only school to do so.

Individually, we are in 6th and 7th in Saber, 4th and 9th in Foil, 9th and 12th in Epee.