Some too early analysis: ND will win by around 20 pts
by Radi-skull (2022-03-27 11:25:34)

In reply to: After 4th (of 5) round of Saber the lead is 16 pts over Harv  posted by Radi-skull

Because of 1 weapon at each school.

Harvard had 17 pts in W Saber to NDs 34. But they only had 1 fencer. Had they had 2 qualified it would have at least been a little more competitive

Columbia 17 pts in W Epee to NDs 34; as pointed out by IRISHNYER, 8 out of 30 on the firstvday killed them

Princeton men in general were worse than their women, but 13 pts in M saber to NDs 30 was the killer.