I guess we were nice hosts: 5 visitors got individual NCs,
by Domerduck (2022-03-27 15:45:00)
Edited on 2022-03-27 15:46:51

In reply to: None of the ND mens fencers finished in the top four. *  posted by Indy77

but ND got one (Hsieh-Epee) as well as repeating in the overall team championship. Friday Princeton got the Foil NC and Harvard got Sabre NC in the women's round. Today tOSU got men's Epee NC and while the Foil final is on ESPN now, but it will go to Columbia who had both finalists. Sabre will conclude after that between Duke and Harvard. ND men ended up 8 and 11 in Epee, 5 & 6 in Foil, and 6 & 7 in Sabre. With today's finishes plus the 6 on Friday means ND ended up with 12 All Americans: 3 1st team (placing 1-4), 8 2nd team (5-8), and 1 3rd team (9-12).

Excellent results for the Fencing team.