Volleyball Makes WBB Losses Look Like "A Flesh Wound" ...
by dillon77 (2022-04-16 06:59:14)

..borrow from those British philosophers, Monty Python.

Now, I do get wrapped up in WBB for the season and, now, because of the dreaded Transfer Portal, the immediate post season.

But, as NDDoggie78 pointed out, all the starters bailed. And, yes, while the team underachieved for sure, the base could've been reinvigorated.

But it seemed they didn't want to be. Was the former coach that bad? Or, to the contrary, did the team decide that they didn't want to play for another coach? Or, even worse, this new one?

I mean, it's not as if Aubrey Hamilton transferred to Wisconsin or Purdue. She went to Marquette around Xmas. Sounds like a rebound marriage.