Not much to add to MPG’s great synopsis
by NDoggie78 (2022-04-18 12:02:29)

In reply to: Here is what I know; you'll recall some of it...  posted by MPG

I have no inside info other than following the team and attending some games on football weekends. I knew one graduating player who didn’t play much (she had played at same HS with a niece).

All this caught me completely by surprise other than something didn’t seem right with the underperformance of a team with high expectations.

My worry with the coach firing and mass exodus, that something more damaging would come out, especially in this day and age when there is a new abuse story seemingly every day. So while not happy with what has happened with the program at least no indictments like that have arisen.

So, still not sure what happened, I thought Johnson was doing a good job coaching/ recruiting and this last season was just a hiccup - but obviously there were more issues.
Moving forward I guess