Attended Boston Marathon & Surrounding Events...
by dillon77 (2022-04-21 10:31:45) Boston this weekend, primarily to watch my son, also an ND grad, run his first Boston Marathon (he qualified from New York this October).

One thing he and I ascertained was that Molly Seidel has -- whether she wants to or not -- has become the face of American marathoning at this moment. She appeared at the Fan Fest and the place was packed to see her. During the race, she was in the lead pack for a bit, but had to drop out at 16 mile mark with what she termed a hip injury.

Unfortunately for me and a group of 10 girls under age 12, we were at the 17 mile mark hoping to see her. It must've been a troubling hip injury because Molly rarely drops out (she ran New York with a rib injury). Also, pretty sure she has a huge race in June so maybe she decided to rest and reset.

My son tells me Seidel is aware of her positioning and it freaks her a bit. I get that....but the flat out love these girls (and from young women escorting them) was palpable: they love her...even wearing Irish shamrocks and headbands the way she does.

BTW, my son ran a 2:53, a bit off what he wanted but "good enough," as he said, considering his quads met the downhills following Heartbreak Hill and its predecessors.

Great weather. Overall good time. Was fun and exhausting being a good spectator, hopping on and off the "T" to get to various spots. My long-distance running days are behind me, but this was a blast.

That's booking
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Congrats to him. My marathoning days are behind me and I never set Boston as a goal as I'm a bit too tall and a bit too fond of drinking beer, but I've always loved the race.

My daughter has run Chicago twice and is running both Chicago (this time along with her brother) and NY this year with an eventual goal of Boston. Will likely take a couple of years and some lifestyle changes. She also adores MS as they overlapped in Welsh Fam for two years and has had the opportuinity to meet her several times. I know her parents a bit from mutual friends and they really are very nice, down to earth people.