28'12" is fastest 10K in ND history beating Smythe & Shay's
by Domerduck (2022-06-09 15:29:42)
Edited on 2022-06-09 15:42:21

In reply to: Dylan Jacobs NCAA 10k Champ!  posted by Irishthinclad

bests (Patrick Smyth 2009 Stanford Invitational 28:25.85 & Ryan Shay 2000 Mt. SAC 28:26.91). It also may be his PR (at least at ND) which he ran the 10k regional qualifier in Bloomington at 28:43.22. Jacobs 28:12.32 was less than 1/2 second ahead of #2 Alex Meier (Ok State) who had 28:12.68.

It will be interesting how well he doubles with the 5k, which seems to be his specialty. He did win the 5k regional in Bloomington when he was 9th in the 10k. Dylon was also the ACC champ in the 5k, but didn't run the 10k in Durham, NC.

Important in this win is to realize ND had 3 other runners in the 10k final, the most of any school. In the Bloomington regionals late May, Joshua Methner was 6th (28:41.89), Matthew Carmody was 8th (a half second faster than Jacobs) and Andrew Alexander was 11th (28:44.55). In the NCAA finals Carmody ended 16th with a PR of 28:34.28, Methner was 21st, and Alexander was last in a field of 24. The reality no other university had more than 2 runners (both Stanford & BYU) so having 4 helped ND control the pace which led to Jacobs win. Pretty awesome.

One other note 22 of the 24 runners ran faster than Ryan Shay won his NC in 2001. Runners keep getting faster as the announcers called this a slow race.