Let's hope he's saving his money for Link. Baseball is much
by Domerduck (2022-06-13 18:31:24)

In reply to: Exactly why I have no faith in Swarbrick keeping Link  posted by NDoggie78

higher profile than Track & Xcountry, even though I like it. This is especially in the ACC where track/xcountry is not that big. SEC Schools like Tennessee are trying to buy more championships and this is a good investment for them. For Jack keeping him doesn't do much for the alumni overall and the team sports are bigger for ND. Baseball can be agreat 4th sport if Jack can keep Link. Also good baseball can partner with softball. Look at Texas and Oklahoma this year making both WCWS & CWS. Oregon State has a chance to that as well if it wins tonite as winning baseball has helped pull it's softball to higher places.