Makes you wonder how they came up with .1 as reaction time?
by NDoggie78 (2022-07-18 09:12:12)

In reply to: Not sure what to make of the Devon Allen DQ.  posted by G.K.Chesterton

And as athletes get faster and faster, wouldn't you think that a boy's reaction time would get faster as well?

I'd also question the accuracy of a 1 hundredth of a second reading (Allen reaction time was .099). It seems there should be some leeway given for that close to allowed limit - and I would say that no matter what country was represented.

Then there is the intent of the rule - using computers to catch those "jumping the gun" trying to time the start. Watching the start in super slow motion, Allen didn't get any discernible better start than any of the other competitors

So I question:
The limit used (0.1 second)
The fallibility of the equipment
The intent of the rule