Aubrey Hamilton Leads Marquette to NCAA Quarterfinals
by dillon77 (2022-12-07 07:51:38)

In reply to: Hard to evaluate at this point  posted by NDoggie78

She had 19.5 points and 17 kills for the Warriors in a 3-0 shellacking of Georgia Tech. Yes, I know the Warriors were a solid program but Hamilton showed just how good she was/is.

Like Doggie, I thought Johnson was doing a good job so I'm totally mystified why the exodus started? Was it him? Or players reacting to him leaving?

In any case, Rockwell is supposed to be a solid coach, having grown up in the vaunted Penn State system. But like everyone has said, ND needs players.
What's so frustrating is ND was starting to get them. Deja vu all over again.