The head 2 head matchups in Epee and Saber will be huge
by Radi-skull (2023-03-25 20:19:11)
Edited on 2023-03-25 20:19:41

In reply to: Is a 13 point lead after Day 3 enough? *  posted by NDoggie78

Up to an 8 pt swing

Hsieh is the reigning Epee champ and has won 13 of 15 bouts as has Muhari.

But Princeton's two Epees are 3 and 5 and Lin (also 13 wins, in 3rd by Indicator) finished 5th last year.

Saber looks close as each team had one do well today and one just mediocre. But our mediocre was runnerup last year (Greenbaum) so she could have a good outing tomorrow.

Taking 3 of 4 H2H in Foil could prove significant.