3 aren't enough
by tb-sb (2017-08-08 08:32:44)

In reply to: You're right; just think ND needs more guys to defend post  posted by dichiap

Especially when one has a bad knee. There is no guarantee that Durham won't have further problems. That makes Djogo, who currently is practicing at the point, as our third tallest player.

Brey sems to have 2 approaches for recruiting this year. For the bigs, it's concentrating on one offer per scholarship. Shittu gets the only scholarship offer, while Battin and Young get some attention but no offer. Hauser gets the offer. When he commits elsewhere, Nate L. gets the offer. If he goes elsewhere, it probably goes to Forrester or maybe Horton-Tucker.

But for wings and things, it was a different philosophy. Brey offered multiple points and wings and took the first to accept, even if they weren't the best out there. If we get another wing (Bey preferably, maybe Kirkwood or Finke) great, if not we're fine. But while that has worked out well, the front court has not. Going after a top 20 big is great, but I.m afraid Shittu is going to ne dup like Allen, Swanigan, and Maker-elsewhere. In the meantime Battin has a top 6 that doesn't include us and Northwestern has offered Young. All the good bigs we looked at in the Midwest have committed to Big 10 schools, and Horton -Tucker(who Humphrey visited in April) has offers from Kansas and Michigan State. I can see a second straight shutout on bigs.