I attended that game in KC
by irishrock (2017-08-10 11:38:20)

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Long story short: I've got an uncle who played on the '56 Olympic basketball team and was good friends with Digger. (He had two sons that played football at ND while Digger was there). I don't know how my dad gets put in this position but he somehow has to order over 100 tickets, pay for them, pick them up and then distribute them.

So my dad tells me to get in the car and we run down to the Alameda (Fairmont/Intercontinental...nicest hotel in KC and perfect location on the Plaza) to get the tickets. We run down to the team meal and Digger is actually the guy who comes out with all the tickets and takes all the cash from my dad. As we were leaving, my dad says to me, "damn, all these college kids staying in such a great hotel like this"

The next night was a complete shiite show. This was the era where Digger would start off a game in four corners and just try to slow the other team down. Mizzou was good with Sundvold and Stipanovich. I have since come to know Jon Sundvold and he may be one of the best people on this planet...just a great guy. When I asked him about that game he just laughed (Mizzou won 90-70...if not on the #'s, I'm close) and said that he had never seen a team "start" out in four corners.

I was just a kid when I had three different interactions with Digger. I've always liked the guy.