I've got it on pretty good authority why Kleine transferred
by irishrock (2017-08-10 11:44:01)

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There was a KC kid who would have walked over glass to get a chance to play for ND...Jon Koncak. Friend of the family reached out to my dad to call my uncle to call Digger and tell him that there is a legit 7' that is an easy get. Digger responds, "I've already got Joe Kleine...I can't take two 7' guys"

While at ND, Kleine's dad was struggling financially and the Arkansas folks were allegedly offering monetary assistance if he transferred to Arkansas. Kleine went into Digger to tell him about the situation. Kleine didn't want to leave ND. But then Kleine told Digger, "if I don't transfer to Arkansas, my dad has told me that he'll never talk to me again"

Digger told him to pack his stuff and transfer...that his relationship with his dad was far more important than playing basketball for ND.

A year later, my dad is at a KC/ND function where his boss was being given some sort of "ND Man of the Year in KC" award or something and Digger was the main speaker. He runs into Digger and Digger holds out his hand and says something like, "you're right...but please don't bring up Koncak to me...I know" He did it in a humorous way.