Mr. Clutch?
by Irish2003 (2017-08-11 17:13:33)
Edited on 2017-08-11 17:19:57

In reply to: Pfleuger 3 at the buzzer beats Madrid Generals (link)  posted by Kayo

Kinda crazy how two of our best recent tourney runs (UW-M in '03) have had endings that would scare a cardiologist!

If this universe is just, Brey will win an NC and go down as our best ever. I still remember the days when making the tournament was a pretty good season, and the last few years have been a complete joyride - I can't remember the exact quote from one of the articles that came out during the tournament, but it was something along the lines of Brey being the gambler with the 3 day stubble and hot hand, and how could kids not want to play for him. He's done an incredibly job elevating our program both on the court and in recruiting (can't wait to see what this long overdue facilities thing does too), and I think we might be at the point where making the tourney is expected, S16 is more realistic than delusional, and the F4 feasible with the right draw or hot team (heck, those Kemba/Shabazz teams were pretty middling all year, but got red-hot at the right time). The fact that he's a genuinely good guy in a profession that doesn't seem to have too many (Izzo, Few, Wright?) and has represented ND with nothing but class is a great bonus too.