A badass rebounder
by Kayo (2017-08-17 10:04:04)

In reply to: He was a helluva player before they had helluva players. *  posted by other_guy

Hawkins is Notre Dame's all time leading rebounder - 1,318 to #2 Luke Harangody's 1,222. He averaged 16.7 rebounds per game.

Remember, Hawkins couldn't play varsity basketball as a freshman, so he built that total in only three years. In addition, they didn't play as many games in a season in Hawk's day. The 79 games he played is barely more than two seasons of games today. Finally, the game was played at a slower pace. More shots mean more rebounding opportunities, but Hawkins played in an era of fewer shots.

As nice a guy as he was, Hawkins was a badass on the court.