Great player
by SixShutouts66 (2017-08-19 22:30:15)

In reply to: Larry Sheffield  posted by 3for53

He was on a very talented, but severely underachieving, team when I was there. Ron Reed (LaPorte) played as a sub for the Pistons for about 3 years before his long baseball career with the WhiteSox and Atlanta. Jay Miller (Goshen) was a fine shooting forward, who had an ABA career before becoming an FBI agent. Walt Sahm (Indianapolis) was a 6'10" center named to ND's players of the century team. Bucky McGann was one of the guards (father of pro golfer Michelle McGann). Sheffield was a very talented guard, who could light up the scoreboard. I always wondered if the NBA had been more integrated at that time whether he might have had a pro career (no black players were on the bench).

Team was about 15-15 in the regular season and final game against Creighton at the old Fieldhouse, led by Paul Silas, decided who got to the NCAAs. We played our best game and won handily. Creighton guard got PO'd at the crown and started flipping the bird to the crowd - not a good move.