About two Larrys and an Armand.
by oldbender (2017-08-20 12:48:53)

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Larry and Armand Reo were initially scouted by Larry O'Neil an ND grad who coached basketball at Albany's Philip Schuyler, an inner city school. Larry was great coach and an even greater story teller. He knew the " Old" Notre Dame and its athletic personalities like the back of his hand. He and Moose Krause were especially close. Larry's son, a good athlete in his own right, went on to pitch for ND. Larry bird dogged Sheffield and Reo, two of the best ever to come out of Troy. He also tipped Moose off about a great football player at Schuyler with terrible grades that Moose had me get involved with. Armand Reo returned to Troy and eventually ran the school system, an all around great guy.